What Our Students and Parents Have to Say

"Max" in The Boomerang Express


Two years ago, I joined an acting group. Miss Shelly, the drama teacher, taught the class that "Our purpose is to glorify God". Throughout the year, we learned 1 Thessalonians 5:11a which states, "So encourage one another and build each other up." At the end of the year, the group did a play called, "Jailhouse Rock". It is a Christian musical about finding salvation through the Lord. I invited my gymnastics' coach to come watch the musical. I was not sure if he was a Christian, so I wanted to help him learn about God.  My coach was having a rough time in life. I wanted him to be saved and know that God would help him with his struggle. After the play he said, "There is no place I would rather be tonight." I am glad he was able to attend. I am thankful that God gave me the gift of acting, so I could uplift him and share Christ with him. God allowed me to use my acting gift to be a missionary and share Christ with my coach. You don't have to go to another country to be a missionary. You can share God's message right here, with your friends, your teammates, and even your family!


Excerpt from blue ribbon-winning original speech by Ava Ramsey, 2012



Mrs. Shelly,

Thank you so much for being my director this year.  You put so much into the play.  You have really encouraged me to push myself, and through the program and you, I have overcome my stagefright.  Thank you so much for believing in me.

Your inspired student, Emily




Thank you for teaching us this year and last year and for sending the encouraging cards.

From, Kai




Ms. Shelly

Thank you for all you've done.  We love you!  You always are there for us thank you for that.  You are awesome.  Love, Gabi




Miss Shelly,

Thank you for everything you have done.  I had a lot of fun this year.  You are an amazing teacher and you have really made an impact on my life!

Love, Brianna




My daughter has thrived in Curtain Call Academy.  The things she has learned with acting, singing and confidence has been priceless.  She is always excited to go and has a smile on her face after each class.  It is such a nurturing environment... she feels supported, encouraged and loved when she attends.  It's Christ centered and the emphasis is put on doing the best with the gifting's God has given you.  What an AMAZING program!
Tiffany L.




Hi Shelly,


Thank you so much for sending us that wonderful email about Ethan! We so enjoyed hearing about his progress:) It is so encouraging to hear that he is feeling comfortable and growing in his class. I also feel a tremendous sense of happiness knowing that what we have exposed Ethan to, in regards to biblical principles, is falling on fertile soil. I'm so grateful for programs like yours that only add more depth, through application, to my son's life. As you know it's one thing to know it, but altogether different to be able to do it in real life! However, with wonderful exercises you use to make them think it.... out loud and vocalize it is a tool....as a means to express what is in their mind and heart...what is important to them....priceless!

Thanks for all you do,

Stephanie A.




Great expression of the true meaning of following Christ and showing His love to others.

The show was awesome and so many blessings came from all of the hard work!

THANK YOU Shelly and Steve for all you do.





Touching Africa Ministries is deeply honored to be affiliated with Curtain Call Academy. Under the leadership of Steve and Shelly Terry, the young people have accomplished excellent productions while using their talents and gifts to showcase all aspects of theater.


It is not just the talent of Steve and Shelly Terry that is impressive to those who participate in the Academy; it is also their hearts. They have graciously donated the proceeds from the sales tables to Touching Africa Ministries and the work we are doing in Ethiopia. The donation enables us to give shoes to children who have never owned a pair of shoes and to give water filtration systems to communities and villages in desperate need of clean water.


Touching Africa Ministries fully endorses Steve and Shelly Terry and the work they are doing with young people through their Curtain Call Academy. We are honored to be affiliated with them as one of the charities they support.



Dr. Michael and Ann Elliott

Founders and Directors of Touching Africa Ministries




I was so impressed by the whole performance tonight. I have been to high school and community theater plays that aren't done nearly as well as this one was. You can definitely tell that you are organized and know what you are doing as a director. You and your husband have put so much into this and it shows. Thank you for all you do! This is an awesome opportunity for the kids.



Dana C.




This was our first year, but Alyssa had so much fun, and she so enjoyed the performances! We loved watching the show on Saturday evening, and working backstage on Sunday. Thank you so much for your kindness and love for our kiddos :)

Warm Regards,

Sonja Clark




I just wanted to send you a quick note about an audition Kaden had today with the Colorado Film School for a student movie. They actually allowed me in the room during his audition and I wanted to tell you that I was blown away. He was confident, professional and really amazing. It actually brought tears to my eyes. Even more so they were very impressed with him and we owe a lot of that to you and your fantastic team. So thank you so much for your guidance and the positive environment you give Kaden to grow and pursue his dreams. I can't thank you enough! The best part is that he is happy doing it which makes any mom overjoyed:) We don't know if he has the part but I just wanted you to know that what you do has not gone unnoticed by us!

Thanks again!

Janelle G.




I just wanted to send you an email thanking YOU for ALL you do for the children. Your gift/talent, enthusiasm and dedication to the kids is such a blessing to their lives.

 Molly Smith



Hi Shelly,

There are not enough words to express our gratitude for all you do with all the kiddos, but for us the impact you have had on Becca. She has really grown and come out of her shell with more confidence. She has such a love for theater and I know a lot of that has to do with you and your heart for the kiddos. Thank you, thank you! And please keep me informed of any other drama opportunities.

With Sincere Gratitude,

                   Roberta C.




Hi Shelly!

I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work with the kids. I watched the dress rehearsal on Sunday and was impressed with all the work you have done for the upcoming program. I know it will be an awesome show! Also, I wanted to say thank you for the beautiful frog wind chime you gave Kayla. It is something she can cherish for years to come and can use as a reminder of her first year in drama. She was very excited when she saw it and hung it as soon as she got home! Kayla has grown so much in your class and learned so much and it has been fun to watch her blossom! Kayla is already talking about next year!

Thanks again for all your hard work and the Christian format you present your class in. It means a lot to me, my husband and Kayla!

Take care,





Thank you for taking the time to write to me about the girls. This has been a rough couple of days so thanks for sending this ray of sunlight our way! You made me weepy!

Ava has found a passion for performance from you. She is naturally pretty quiet and shy. Drama has given her a new way to express herself and for that I am grateful. I also love that she is learning every week that all of this is for God's glory.


Thank you for directing my kids!





Shelly, you are amazing! Thank you for everything!! Awesome job on the production!! The kids were fabulous!! I don't know how you pulled that off! I will NEVER complain about trying to manage four children again!! And the neatest thing was to see SHY kids with speaking parts!! LOVED IT!!!! LILLY WAS SO EXCITED!!!!! xox and God Bless you and Steve for all you do....we LOVE you!!! Candace



Hi Shelly,


Thank you so much for all you did for Amy this year. She has really enjoyed drama and we truly appreciate all you did for her. Curtain Call has been such a blessing and we pray Gods continued blessing over your work.

Thanks again,





Thank you for all you do Shelly...you are awesome and I know all the kids and parents love and appreciate you!

Shannon Dixon




Congratulations on the showcase last night. We had a wonderful time and were very impressed by how well all the children did. It made us so happy to see Kaia having so much fun! She was so excited!

Thank you for all your hard work!
Deanna Hirsch,
Mom to Kaia




I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for all the love, time & work you put into these performances! I'm sorry I wasn't much of any help this time around, even with getting Whitnee prepared. You helped with that so much, and I REALLY appreciate it! :)

We have decided that she'll continue with your class next semester. :) Whitnee is VERY EXCITED!!! She had so much fun, and finally getting to the big goal at the end, made her so happy for all the work. And she is very proud of herself! Thank you immensely for that!!! :)

Thanks again, for all your patience, and your one-on-one time helping her with her dance steps and lines!

May you get an abundance of blessings in return for all you put into the kids you so eagerly serve!

God bless,


PS. Please also thank Steve for all his work, as I know there is always so much behind-the-scenes stuff to do that doesn't really get acknowledged by all of us. :)