"Amazon Outfitters"

Junior Academy--1 hour (grades K-2)



Intermediate--1.5 hours (grades 3-6)



Advanced--1.5 hours (grades 6-8)



Homeschool Group Classes (all grades)

$65.00/month per student.  



Please make checks to: CURTAIN CALL ACADEMY, INC





Curtain Call Academy does not charge a registration fee.


Tuition is payable at the first class meeting of each month. A $15.00 late fee will be added after 30 days. 


Class fees are based on an average of four classes per month.  There are no refunds or credit for absences, holidays or snow days. Students may make up a missed class at any of the other weekly classes offered. Periodic make-up days will also be offered on selected Saturdays.  We politely request a 14 day notice prior to withdrawing from the program.


There will be additional class hours scheduled for rehearsals for the Spring Musical for featured performers. Special help or coaching is available to students who need additional help. There is no additional charge for these extra class/rehearsal/coaching hours.


For the Spring Musical we request a small production fee of $35.00 per child (or $60.00 per family for two or more children)It is due at the time of auditions.


For families experiencing financial hardship, scholarships and special arrangements are available. All scholarship arrangements are confidential.