Zoom Interactive Online Class Instructions

1. Click on the red lettered LINK below to begin your online class. Be sure to select your correct class, either Tue or Wed. When you click on the link, if you do not yet have the Zoom app installed on your computer or phone, you will be prompted to download the Zoom app. You do not have to sign up for a Zoom account to use the app to attend our online classes.


2. The Zoom app is free.  The Zoom experience works much better on a laptop, tablet or desktop as compared to a smartphone. Also, Zoom works better when your computer is connected online with a hard wired LAN cable, as opposed to using wifi. If you only have access to a phone, you can still participate. The device you use must have a camera.


3. Tuesday class will meet online at the same time as the regular class, 3:30 PM to 5:00 PM and Wednesday class will meet online at its regular time of 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM. You can join the class before the actual start time, however, if you do not see Miss Shelly on your screen it means she has not signed on yet, so please wait.


4. During the Zoom app launch process, you will be prompted to enter the password that Miss Shelly has sent to your parent's email or phone.  If you do not have the password, call or text Mr. Steve's phone at 949-922-1454.


5. When you click on the link for your class below, the Zoom app should show a few prompting windows. One has a blue button saying "JOIN WITH VIDEO"; click this button. Then you may see another blue button saying "JOIN WITH COMPUTER AUDIO"; click this button. The next window should be the Zoom app with a live video screen which means you are live with the class.


6. If you cannot see the video properly, look in the lower left hand corner of the Zoom window for a video camera symbol.  If it is red then click it once and it should turn white and start your video. If there is a sound problem, look for a headphone symbol next to the video camera symbol and click it. If you cannot get it working, contact Mr. Steve (see #4 above).


7. Please try to be in an area with no background noise such as TV, radio, other computers, barking dog, etc., as these noises will cause problems with the audio and video.